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10 Minute CPD Activity

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Childminding Best Practice Club 10 Minute CPD Activity

In each Childminding Best Practice Monthly Toolkit there is a selection of different quick continual profession development (CPD) activities to chose from. Here is an example of one of them:

10 Minute CPD Activity: Technical Terms

There are some technical terms that you may have seen in places like Birth – 5 matters. You may not necessarily need to use them, but it can be helpful to know what they mean. Do you know these ones? 

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Summative
  3. Intonation
  4. Cardinality
  5. Stimuli

Think about what you think each of these words mean. Then scroll down below the picture for some simple definitions.

  1. Pedagogy. This is just a technical term for the methods you use to teach your children things. There are different specific pedagogies such as Montessori which some practitioners follow faithfully to the letter, or you may have your own unique pedagogy.
  2. Summative. If you see this word in Early Years document it most likely refers to the sort of assessment that you do that ‘sums’ up what children can do. For example, if you write an end of term report, that is summative assessment.
  3. Intonation. You are most likely to see this term in relation to speech and language. It simply means the rise and fall of the voice when someone speaks. (If a child does not have intonation in their speech, it is wise to keep an eye on them as it could be a sign that they may need further support.)
  4. Cardinality. This is the ability to realise that the last number counted represents how many objects are in a group. So, for example, a child is showing they have grasped this when they count 1,2,3,4,5 when pointing at a group of 5 buttons. (Children who have not grasped this will often carry-on reciting numbers with no real understanding that the words they are saying represent anything special.)
  5. Stimuli. This is just something that causes something to respond. So if you see a sentence that reads something like,’ the baby responds to stimuli,’ it just means the baby is responding to something. For example a loud noise, someone tickling them or flashing light are all stimuli.

Reflect: How many terms did you know? Did you learn anything new? (For example, are any of the children in your care showing an understanding of cardinality?) Are there any other terms you would like to check your understanding of?

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