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The complete list of things childminders hate

Last updated 20/03/2023

This list from real childminders makes us laugh out loud. Did we miss anything? If so, please add it to the comments at the bottom of the page!

Converse shoes on babies.

Kids jumping/kneeling/falling/bouncing on my furniture.


Parents that put on tights over pullups and then add dungarees over the whole lot!

Taking off the dolls clothes and leaving the dolls naked.



The children shouting my name every two minutes even if they don’t want anything.

Parents who forget to tell you the child has an injury or you find out in a chance conversation that they have an inhaler or have had hospital appointments about a condition you know nothing about.

Kids emptying every box until you can no longer see the floor. Then they will not help tidy up.

Pull ups.

Parents insisting their child is ready for potty training. They are not.

Helicopter parents.

Parents who show their children no boundaries.

Anything that gets stuck up my nails – clay, playdough, gloop, slime.

Children taking off their socks and shoes on cars journeys.

Snot waterfalls – shudder!


Parents who tell you their child doesn’t nap but then you find out that they nap at nursery.

Noisy toys!

Boys that can’t pee straight! Just the thought makes me want to disinfect my toilet again.

Wet wipes ripping as you need to pull one out fast.

Mixing the colours of the playdough

The noise sorting through Lego makes.

Parents who mollycoddle their child.

Ofsted inspectors

Bad manners at meal time

Parents who walk in with their shoes on (when they’ve stood there and heard me tell their kids to remove their shoes) and then sit on the arm of my sofa!!

Cooked rice falling on the floor.

Wobbly teeth.

Being called a ‘babysitter’

Please add your own pet hates to the comments and share this post to make someone else laugh today!

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