Issue 35: Summer 2022

Welcome to the Summer 2022 Best Practice Bumper Newsletter. This is the second Bumper Newsletter using the new format. We now email short newsletters to people every week, but we are still committed to producing what will now be called the Childminding Best Practice BUMPER Newsletter four times a year.

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We will continue to focus on childminding best practice topics such as health and safety, diversity awareness and childminding in the great outdoors, (Forest Childcare.) We will also update you on any changes to things like legislation which may affect your childminding business.

The next issue will be coming out in Autumn 2022.

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Jennifer and the Kids To Go Team

Inspirational Best Practice ideas, stories and links

National Childminders Day

The first ever National Childminders Day was launched by the Kids To Go team on the 12th of May. It was a great success with childminders all over the country joining in to spread awareness of what childminders do and celebrate childminders nationwide. We produced lots of ‘Childminding Facts’ images, like these ones, that followers of our Facebook Page helped to share far and wide.

Next year we will be holding National Childminders Day on Thursday the 11th of May so please put the date in your diaries!

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August has lots of ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ themed crafts and activities. Join today to get templates and instructions for fun Teddy Bear themed activities like these:

Make a special Teddy Bear Picnic Bag

Make a ‘Spinning Ted’ to help learn about Healthy Eating.

Have fun with a special teddy bear themed sensory activity.

Colour and talk about a special teddy bear colouring page.

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Summer Crafts and Activities

Here is a Forest Childcare Activity inspired idea that you may have missed:

Watercolour painting of a pied wagtail

This little bird is a pied wagtail. He likes to be near water. He is searching for insects. Some people call them Polly Dishwasher, or Gypsy Bird, and they are said to bring good luck if you see one.

What other birds and animals can you think of that are black and white? Draw a big picture of them and label them all.

Sensory Play Idea

This is the time of year that, if you grow herbs in the garden, they may be starting to get a little out of control! Instead of chopping them back and wasting them why not make some playdough and add them to a tuff tray set up with scissors for the children to practice snipping the herbs and adding to the dough. If you don’t have any herbs, you can use things like flowers petals from faded flowers (for example rose petals from the flowers that have just finished, this way nothing goes to waste,) or just some nice leaves. If you want to you can also add other natural objects to explore like shells and pebbles.

Rolling a leaf onto clay

Make a leaf bowl

You will need some large leaves, some air drying clay and some rolling pins for this summer activity.

  1. Roll out some air drying clay and show the children how they can make a leaf print using the rolling pin to gently press the leaf onto the clay.
  2. Gently mould the edges into a bowl shape and then allow to dry. When the bowls are dry children can paint and decorate them.

Forest Childcare News

Now that we are staring to get on top of everything after taking over in January, we are starting to turn our attention to producing more content for our Forest Childcare Association Members. The Forest Childcare Association Pack has now been updated and has a slightly different name, ‘Forest Childcare Association Starter Pack.’ This is because we hope to start work on some additional ‘mini packs’ to complement what you already do and hopefully give you some new ideas. If you are an existing member and would like a free copy of the updated pack, please email us at

Those of you that follow our ‘Forest Childcare Association’ Facebook page may also have noticed some new little ideas appearing. If you haven’t seen the page yet you can find it here:

In case you missed it there is a new blog on our website all about Nature Deficit disorder on our website:

Don’t forget Forest Childcare does not have to take place in a Forest. It can be anywhere that you encounter nature, from the beach, on the moors, or even just the wild edges of your local park.

Forest Childcare Idea

Good Wood Fairy Coins – Contributed by Sanjay and Darshna Morzaria from Little Darling Childcare, Harrow

A very simple Forest Childcare activity we do with our children is to hide small wooden disks on the trail we will be following. I call these discs “Good Wood Fairy Coins” to make it a little more exciting and mysterious! This now turns into a treasure hunt and gives plenty of opportunity for children to explore the woods.

Once the children have found the discs, we take them to an opening in the woods and paint or colour them. We then have our story-time in the woods which includes the treasure they have found. Finally, remember to make sure that the children take home their beautifully decorated “Good Wood Fairy Coin”.

EYFS Paperwork, Policy and Legislation News

Progress Checks

The Government have released new guidance that may help you with your Progress Checks. You can find it here:

We have also written a short blog for those of you that do not have time to read the full 43 page guidance and just want a quick breakdown. You can find that here:

Sensory Food Education

The Department for Education has launched a new guide on Sensory Food Education here:

Royal Foundation for Early Childhood Research Findings

The Royal Foundation for Early Childhood has published the findings of research into what the public think about early childhood development. The results are sadly unsurprising:

‘Nine in ten agree the early years are important in shaping a person’s future life but less than a fifth recognise the unique importance of the 0-5 period. Seven in ten think the early years should be more of a priority for society. Majority of public recognise a person’s future mental health and wellbeing most likely part of adult life to be affected by their early childhood. Community support networks found to be a crucial for parents. Parents more likely to seek support for child’s physical wellbeing than social and emotional development.’ Read more here:

Government news

In a speech made on the 9th of June, the Prime Minister Boris Johnston stated (very briefly!) that the Government intends to make becoming a childminder easier and wants parents to make the most of their tax free allowances.

It has now been announced that the government wants to help increase the number of childminders by making it easier to register, reducing inspections and the part of the EYFS that they are expected to follow as well as allowing them to work from places like village halls rather than home. (Source BBC News Website.)

NPQEYL Scholarships

The Department for Education has stated that from Autumn 2022 ‘childminders with leadership responsibilities’ (i.e. if you have assistants) can apply for a scholarship to complete the NPQ for Early Years Leadership (NPQEYL). There is more information about the qualification here:

Button Batteries Safety Campaign

The Child Accident Prevention Trust has launched a new campaign to help educate parents on the dangers of button batteries. You can find free downloadable resources at their website here:

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We are gradually working our way through all of the products to update them in order to go onto our new shop website which is in development. If you have bought any of the following products in the past, are on our mailing list, and would like an updated version please email

The Forest Childcare Pack has had an update with refreshed design and minor information updates.

The Progress Check Age 2 Pack

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