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Membership and monthly toolkit packs – £30 a year (only £2.50 a month)

For £30 a year you will get:

What is The Childminding Best Practice Club?

The Childminding Best Practice Club is basically what it says it is. It is designed to encourage you to be the best childminder you can be, no matter what your starting point. Lots of the hard work is done for you as members receive a monthly toolkit bursting with resources and bite-sized ideas to help improve and secure your practice. You also receive a certificate to advertise your commitment to excellence to parents and visitors, a CPR log-book to use if you wish and a 25% discount off lots of other Kids To Go products helping you achieve best practice in every element of your work.

All of this is included in your membership:

Monthly downloadable Childminding Best Practice Activities Toolkit.

This is a printable pack containing everything you need to promote all of the areas of learning including, good behaviour, communication, mathematics, Characteristics of Effective Learning (COEL), diversity, cultural capital, school readiness.

Please note, all of the above may not appear in every pack, but there will be a good balance of things every month.

The pack will be emailed to you monthly as a printable PDF file or Word document.

As well as your monthly toolkit members also receive:

Continual Professional Development Log Book – A useful downloadable logbook to record your professional development activities.

Membership Certificate – when you join the Childminding Best Practice Club we email you a personalised certificate with your name on it. It is a mark of quality demonstrating your ongoing commitment to excellence and continual professional development that you can display at your setting.

25% discount off lots of other Kids To Go products

Recent Reviews:

“I wish I would of known about this a long time ago , the pack is amazing,” Ann Marie

“loving the new look and can’t wait to use it,” Jeanette

“Loving the packs so much. They really, really help in what has been quite a difficult (and solitary!) couple of years to keep motivated! I feel really supported.” Annabelle

“Just want to say thankyou for the all the great packs and information that you have provided. Everything is so useful and up to date.” Natasha

“Is so much better, so many more areas you are covering which helps less experienced, but also experienced childminders, like me, thanks for that.” Karen

“I would like to thank you for all your help with information and ideas what a great tool.” Marina

“Thank you for all the wonderful emails and resources you have sent me over the years, they really have been fantastic.” Laura

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