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Childminding Best Practice Newsletter – Issue NUMBER: Month 2019

Welcome to the Summer 2018 Childminding Best Practice Newsletter. I produce this newsletter four times a year to promote childminding best practice topics with a focus on safety, health, diversity awareness and childminding in the great outdoors (Forest Childcare). I also use it to highlight any changes to legislation or policy that may affect your childminding business.

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The next issue (Autumn) will be coming out in Sept 2018.

Thank you to everyone who sent in contributions to this newsletter. I welcome contributions from readers on all aspects of childminding best practice.

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Forest Childcare Association News


Members of the Forest Childcare Association commit to taking the children on an outdoor outing to a ‘wild’ place once a week.


The Forest Childcare Association celebrates 

The Forest Childcare Association


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Forest Childcare 

To celebrate t


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NEW: Childminding Best Practice Club – Themed Activity Packs emailed to you – £2.50 per month – June is ‘London Themed’

Members of my new Childminding Best Practice Club are emailed a monthly pack of themed activities, plus activities that support continual professional development (CPD).Please join today to get templates and instructions for fun London themed activities like these:


Ideas for Fat

Some lovely ideas



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I continually add new information pages to this website. You can search for information, articles, links, and support by topic including:

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How to teach 

British values topic.


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Contact paper

I drew the sunflower on


How to make a magic bubble 










What would you do if this happened to you:  new parent wants 6 free settling-in hours?

You don’t mind doing an hour free settling-in when a new child starts, but a woman has asked you for a total of 6 free settling in hours. Is this normal for childminders?  Or are you being taken advantage of? What should you do?


Here’s what other childminders say:

Like you 


You should c


How to find what’s on locally – contributed by Libby Lea

I use the l


Tips for Outstanding Ofsted Inspections

One mistake many childminders make with their spaces is to have too much stuff, too many resources out at once. The children are surrounded by so many toys that they don’t have space to move around properly and worse, get distracted by things and can’t concentrate. In gardens, some childminders have so many garden toys and activities in very small spaces, there is no room for the children to move around. Think about how the children move around your spaces and for your inspection, make sure your setting does not appear cluttered.


Fact or Myth: Ofsted doesn’t need you to do self-evaluation any more


Myth: In April 2018,





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