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Business tips for childminders

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Kay Woods Kids To GoChildminding is a very rewarding profession, but it is also a business. It is important to treat it as a business and make sensible decisions about your rates, opening hours, the types of families you take on and your work-life balance. You also need to have a good idea about your ‘unique selling points’, the parts of your business that make you unique from other childminders and other types of childcare.

Here are a series of articles I have written on subjects relating to childminding as a business. 


childminding email addresses to avoid10 Mistakes to Avoid on Childminding Directory Sites

Most councils and many private companies offer websites where you can list details about your childminding business to help you to fill your childminding vacancies. Getting these listings right will help parents to find you and choose your service over the competition. [more]


thanks for being a great babysitter mugHow NOT to receive a “Thanks for Being A Great Babysitter” Mug this year

A post on Facebook broke my heart the other day from a childminder who had been given a mug for Christmas that said “Thanks for being a great babysitter”. Upset, insulted, underappreciated, and angry don’t begin to describe the range of emotional responses from other childminders… [more]



childminding paperworkDon’t quit childminding until you’ve asked yourself these 13 questions

All childminders have those days when you wake up and think: I can’t do this anymore. But what about when that feeling of gloom goes on for weeks? Or months? When you reach the point where you just feel utterly miserable and can barely make yourself open the front door on a morning. If this is you, please don’t quit before you’ve asked yourself the following 13 questions [more]


 Problem Child in the ShedHow NOT to be a victim of a bad Ofsted inspection

For anyone expecting ‘the call’, 10 ways to take control [more]



COEL examples for SEF10 Frequently forgotten things from self-evaluations

Some advice if you’ve got to do your self evaluation any time soon [more




Childminding pricesIf you pay peanuts you get monkeys (for childminders)

Marketing advice and getting new business advice for childminders including advice about setting sensible hourly rates [more]




be a practically perfect childminderHow to burn out at childminding…. in 10 easy steps

Some tongue in cheek advice for all childminders on balancing childminding with life without burning out. [more]




pot of jamWhy childminders should consider limiting the choices they let parents and children make

Limiting choices can sometimes make good business sense [more]






childminders cutting costsHow Childminders can cut costs and save money

Lots of practical tips from other childminders [more]




How to sell yourself to parents

A bit of common sense business advice for childminders [more]





childminder-in-courtEver wondered what it would be like to take a parent to court?

It’s not as scary as it sounds. [more]




our home display for childmindersCan you name 10 reasons childminders are better than nurseries?

If you can’t name 10 reasons that childminders are better than nurseries, then you shouldn’t be surprised when you lose business to them – article challenges you to look closely at how you promote what you do to parents to keep their business [more].



Do you need to supplement the income you make from childminding?

Here are 15 jobs other childminders do to earn extra money alongside childminding [more]



Products that can help you with your childminding business

Ultimate Childminding Checklist

Ultimate childminding checklistThe Ultimate Childminding Checklist is 3 checklists in 1: statutory requirements, countdown to your inspection, and outstanding workbook. It is useful whether you are new to childminding, trying to get organised before your inspection, or if you want to get outstanding and want to check you haven’t missed anything.


Forest Childcare Association Pack

forest-childcare-packMembers of the Forest Childcare Association make a commitment to taking children on weekly outdoor outings year round. It is a mark of quality of your setting, great for keeping children active and a great way to promote your business to parents. Pack helps you to market your business as a Forest Childcare provider – very sought after service by parents.




Policies, Contracts and Forms Pack (as Word documents)

EYFS Paperwork KidstogoAll the basic forms and policies you need to set up and run your childminding business.   Concise policies, simple forms and printable basic childminding contract. Pack includes free updates when legislation changes because it’s hard to keep up.



Communication with Parents Pack

The Communication with Parents Pack contains all the tools you need to improve how you communicate with parents or learn to do so in an outstanding manner. The pack includes tackling more challenging forms of communication like when you have concerns about a child’s development, dealing with late payment, or giving notice. The pack also contains detailed marketing information to help you to attract new business including making a step-by-step plan to ensure that the all-important first visit goes well.


See also: Communication with Parents, and  New to childminding

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