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Forest Childcare

Last updated 09/02/2023

The Forest Childcare Association is a best practice initiative designed do encourage childcarers to take advantage of the benefits of taking children on outings in natural environments on a regular basis.

More about the Forest Childcare Association

Forest Childcare is about much more than just filling vacancies and impressing parents. It is about feeling that at the end of the day you are offering children the very best childcare available. By offering a Forest Childcare experience for the children you care for, you are doing far more than the bare minimum of care, you are providing those children with outstanding outdoor experiences that they will carry forwards into the rest of their lives.

‘I love the outdoors and nature, so the Forest Childcare pack was perfect for my setting. It has been well received by the parents and all the children and has inspired us to go on lots of woodland walks, make dens, hunt for mini beast, pond dipping and climbing trees.’ Rachel

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