Getting inspected can be very stressful. Whatever grade you get from Ofsted you will keep until your next inspection which could be four or five years away. This is a horrible amount of pressure. The key to doing well is preparation. You need to know what to expect during your inspection and to have spent some time preparing for it including completing a self-evaluation of your setting.

You need to be able to demonstrate to the Ofsted inspector that you are fulfilling all the requirements of the EYFS. If you want to get outstanding then you further need to show that you are doing so in an outstanding manner.

My Ultimate Childminding Checklist has helped hundreds of childminders through their inspections because it takes the guess work away at a stressful time.



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Products that can help you

Inspection pack 2018










Guided Self Evaluation 

guided self evaluation packThis guide takes you step by step through a guided self-evaluation of your setting. It includes ‘model answers’ for each question so that you can see the sorts of things you should be considering when you reflect on your setting. This guide will help you to prepare for your inspection and will make sure you don’t miss anything. 







Ultimate Childminding Checklist

Ultimate childminding checklistThree checklists for childminders including: 49 Things you MUST be doing to meet EYFS Requirements, Count Down To Your Ofsted Inspection Checklist, and Outstanding Checklist. This checklist will help you to get prepared for your inspection. It starts with the assumption that you have nothing in place whatsoever, and tells you what you need to get done prior to your inspection.








Posters Pack

Posters Pack for ChildmindersIncludes Characteristics of Effective Learning Poster, welcome poster in many languages, diversity poster, weather charts, and a unique ABC poster designed by 26 childminders. Over 40 printable posters and other resources to make a great impression on Ofsted.








Policies, Contracts and Forms as Word documents

EYFS Paperwork KidstogoEverything you need to show the inspector.   Concise policies, simple forms and printable basic childminding contract and essential documents.









Supporting Documents

Before your inspection you should read three Ofsted documents if you haven’t already done so: the Common Inspection Framework, the Early Years Inspection Handbook and Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings. These documents will walk you through what to expect from your inspection. The Inspection Handbook is particularly important if you are hoping to get outstanding as it tells you exactly what requirements the inspector will need to see to get outstanding.