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Letter to Vicky Ford MP

On Monday the 6th of September, during a discussion about the loss of early years providers (around 500 since June alone.) Challenged by Tulip Saddiq, MP and Shadow Minister for childcare and early years, to provide sufficient funding to the Early Years sector in order to try and alleviate the loss of providers, Vicky Ford MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, dismissed the concerns stating that is was, ‘largely a fall driven by childminders and carers, not nursery settings.’ We object to this dismissal of our profession and so we have written a letter to MP Vicky Ford to express our concerns at her remarks. We may be only small but we want to do our bit to add to the voices fighting for fair treatment of childminders



You can read our letter here


Vicky Ford MP

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families

Department for Education Sanctuary Buildings,

Great Smith Street



9th September 2021

Dear Minister Ford,

I am writing after hearing of your comments in the House of Commons on Monday in which you stated that falls in registered early years providers are “largely a fall driven by childminders and carers, not nursery settings.’’ On behalf of all childminders I feel I must object to the derogatory tone of this remark and the implication that somehow childminders are less worthy than other early years settings.

Childminders provide an essential service to their communities. They offer high quality and flexible childcare in a ‘home from home’ environment, something which many parents prefer and which many children need. For example very young children, children with SEND or children who are just a little less confident will often thrive in a childminding setting in a way they would not in a nursery setting. Declining childminder numbers mean that parents are being denied this choice for their children.

May I remind you that many childminders are also highly passionate, experienced, and trained. I myself have worked with children for over 20 years including time in a maintained nursery school and 8 years as a childminder. I have a PGCE and childcare qualifications as well as a wealth of other experience and training. Losing these people from the early years profession is a crying shame.

Childminders have been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic and I know many feel badly let down by the Government. Numerous childminders have been left with no choice but to leave a profession they enjoy.

On behalf of all childminders I would like to know what your plans are to stop this decline and to support the registered childminders we have left.

Yours sincerely

Jennifer Fishpool – Kids To Go

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