This project is all about litter and the natural environment. It is designed to allow you to teach the children with this miniature world you make together. 


First print the free template colour in the wood scene with the pond and trees, pointing out the litter bin at the front. Then using pencils colour in the second sheet of items, some of which belong in the wood, and some rubbish that belongs in the bin.


Starting with the swan and the duck, ask the child ‘where does the duck go?’ and glue it down?  Then start asking about some of the other items – ‘what about the crisp packet – does that go in the pond with the ducks? Of course not, it goes into the bin!’ Go from there, sticking the items down one at a time.


EYFS Observations


EYFS Learning and Development Area:

Understanding the world: The world
Early Learning Goals: Children talk about the features of their own immediate environment.

What to look for on this project:


22-36 months What do the children say when they colour in the picture? What do they know about ducks and swans, logs, pine cones and rubbish? Write down what they say.
30-50 months Which items can the children correctly place in the picture? Can they tell you where the items should go in the picture?  What other rubbish have the children seen while they are out on walks near your house?
40-60 months Do the children understand how the model relates to the real world? Can the children explain what we put into litter bins or what belongs in the wood scene?  What other rubbish have the children seen while they are out on walks near your house?  How do they think it got there, and who clears it go away? Is it right or wrong to drop rubbish onto the ground?


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