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Road Safety

be-safe-be-healthy-pack-logoAs childminders we are out and about with the children a lot and we can help them by making sure we give them clear messages about road safety. If you are childminder who does the school run then road safety is essential.

road-safetyWhile you are out and about you can give children opportunities to practice safety skills like ‘the Green Cross Code’. You can teach them how to use zebra crossings and pedestrian crossings with lights and buttons.  Encourage children to help decide where and when it is safe to cross.


Use this free art project to teach the children road safety. Print off the templates, colour them in, cut them out and you’ve got your own miniature world to learn in. Where do the cars go? Where do the people go? Older children can try and get the people from the house to the park by crossing at the crossing.     



extreme-road-safety-for-childmindersRoad Safety Tips for Childminders

When I was doing my childminding training course I remember one day imagining what it would be like to be a school run childminder. In my head it looked rather like this picture: all of the children securely roped together in a big long chain, ideally with large flashing lights on their heads so cars could spot them easily. How else would I possibly keep them alive all the way home?  [read more]


Quiz Yourself







QUIZ: Identify three ways this childminder could make her school run safer


Road Safety Action Pack

Road Safety Week is 21st – 27th November. Sign up for a free action pack through the Child Accident Prevention Trust


Products that can help you to teach road safety

Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack

Be safe be healthy pack for childmindersPrintable safety and health art projects, activities and colouring pages to help childminders to teach 15 safety and health topics including bereavement, road safety, stranger danger, and sun safety and fire safety.


Supporting Documents

Keeping children safe and helping them learn to look after their own safety is part of the EYFS Statutory Framework.


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