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Road Safety Tips for Childminders

Last updated 20/02/2022

When I was doing my childminding training course I remember one day imagining what it would be like to be a school run childminder. In my head it looked rather like this picture: all of the children securely roped together in a big long chain, ideally with large flashing lights on their heads so cars could spot them easily. How else would I possibly keep them alive all the way home?

Of course somehow childminders across the country manage to get far more children than this safely to their homes every day without ropes or traffic cones of any sort!  I asked you to send in your road safety tips – thanks to everyone who responded especially Fiona Crisp and Kate Fuller. Here is what you said:

Would you like some ideas on how to promote road safety in your childminding setting?  

For more information on teaching safety and health topics to childminded children check out our Be Safe Be Healthy Pack with practical activities, craft projects and colouring pages. Also you can sign up for free for our Childminding Best Practice Newsletters using the sign up box on our website for lots more tips, quizzes and safety news affecting childminders.

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