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Self-Evaluation Form

Before your inspection is it a good idea to complete the Ofsted Self-Evaluation Form. You don’t have to complete it; it is not a legal requirement. But many childminders choose to do so. Your SEF is read by your inspector prior to your inspection and is a great way to make a good impression before her arrival. It is also an excellent way to prepare for your inspection and to think about ways to improve your setting.



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One of the saddest types of emails I get are from childminders who feel they were the ‘victims’ of a bad Ofsted inspection… But don’t set yourself up to be a victim. With a bit of planning you can “manage” your Ofsted inspector and take control of your inspection… [read more]


SEF Form Examples10 frequently forgotten things childminders should include in your Ofsted Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

Writing your SEF is a horrible job and most childminders look forward to doing it like they look forward to visiting the dentist…  Whether you use the online Ofsted self-evaluation form, or your own method of self-evaluation, here are 10 things you should make sure your SEF includes… [read more]



childminding-myth-or-factFact or Myth? You have to complete the Ofsted Self-Evaluation Form before your inspection




Products that can help you

Self Evaluation Form Model Answers

Self Evaluations Form Model Answers screen shotTwo outstanding childminders’ model answers to the Ofsted online self-evaluation form (SEF). Use these answers as a guide to writing your own so you don’t miss anything. 


Write your SEF with my help

I will help you to write your SEF one question at a time. If you’d rather not be left on your own to write your SEF and wish you had someone to sit down in your living room and help you to do it, this is the next best thing.


Ultimate Childminding Checklist

Ultimate childminding checklistThree checklists for childminders including: 49 Things you MUST be doing to meet EYFS Requirements, Count Down To Your Ofsted Inspection Checklist, and Outstanding Checklist.











Supporting Documents

Most childminders complete the SEF online using a unique password from Ofsted called an Ofsted Security Token (OST). Full instructions on how to create a government account, plus guidance documents on how to complete the SEF area available on the government site

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