This project is all about creative mark making combining pens and pencils with glue and glitter. Print off the templates for the snail body and shell.  Give the children glue, glitter, pens, pencils etc. and help them to decorate their snail and snail shell. 




EYFS Observations


EYFS Learning and Development Area:


Expressive arts and design: Exploring and using media and materials
Early Learning Goals: Children explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques,

experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and



What to look for on this project:


16-26 months How do the young children get along with using felt tip pens, crayons or pencils? What sort of marks do they make?  How do they combine marks with the glue and glitter?  Which do they enjoy using the most?
22-36 months What types of marks do the children make?  How do they combine their marks with glue and glitter?
30-50 months What different marks do the children make on the paper?  Can they draw lines and shapes?  What do they tell you the shapes they have created represent?  How do the children describe their pictures and patterns?
40-60 months Do the children choose particular colours for particular purposes?  How do they combine glue and glitter with marks?  What patterns do they create?  Can they draw wavy and straight lines?  Can they draw shapes and colour them in or fill them with glitter?


How to hold a snail race

Put the snails in the centre of a circle. Put little stickers on the snails with numbers on them. The first snail to crawl out of the circle is the winner. (Warning: this task requires patience – our winning snail took 24 mins!)



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