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Themes for childminders

Childminding best practice club logoExploring themes and topics with childminded children is a great way to promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning. It is also fun for you, great for planning and keeps you fresh and motivated.

List of Themes

Search by theme for information for childminders, articles, arts and craft projects with templates, resources you can purchase and free printables where they are available.  

Accident prevention – home and outings

All about me – my body, skin colour, growing and other changes

Being active

Bilingual – children who speak other languages


British values

Burns Night

Chinese New Year




Diwali and Hinduism


Eid and Islam


Fire safety

Forest Childcare 

Friendships – joining in, anti-bullying and kindness

Gender – challenging gender stereotypes

Healthy eating – and learning about where food comes from

Keeping clean


Looking after your teeth – tooth brushing and visiting the dentist

Loose Parts Play

Mothers’ Day

New sibling

Road safety


St. Andrew’s Day and Scotland

St. George’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Stranger danger

Sun safety

Visiting the doctor, nurse and the hospital

Wheelchair users


Products that can help you to explore themes

Childminding Best Practice Club – themed packs

Join the Childminding Best Practice Club and get monthly packs of themed activities emailed to you. As well as art projects with templates, each pack includes a planning guide to help you plan around a theme.

Be Safe, Be Healthy Pack

Printable safety and health art projects, activities and colouring pages to help childminders to teach 15 safety and health topics including bereavement, road safety, stranger danger, and sun safety and fire safety.

Diversity Awareness Pack

Printable diversity craft projects and printable diversity colouring pages to help childminders to teach 20 diversity topics including disability, religion, race, families and multicultural holidays.



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