This project is all about getting the children to imagine a story surrounding their toy lorry. Where is it going? Who are the toys for? Ask them questions while they are gluing and colouring.

Print off the template and let children cut or tear toy pictures out of magazines and catalogues and glue them down. Then colour everything else in. Older children may be able to draw a driver and write their own names?

You can download the PDF here.



EYFS Observations


EYFS Learning and Development Area:

Expressive arts and design: Being imaginative

Early Learning Goals:

Children represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through art, role play and stories.

What to look for on this project:


16-26 months Do the children pretend the lorry is real? Do they play with it like they might play with a car? Can they pretend the toys are real?
22-36 months Do the children know how to play make believe if you help them? Can they imagine themselves as the driver? Can they imagine who the toys might be for? Can they imagine where the lorry might be going?
30-50 months What can the children tell you about the lorry and the toys? Who has which role? How do these roles change?
40-60 months  

Do the children introduce a narrative into their imagined ideas? Are they able to play cooperatively to tell a story all together?




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