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Two Plates of Cakes with EYFS Observations

This project is all about changes in quantity – simple addition, subtracting and dividing.

Colour in the 6 fairy cakes and cut them out. Use sticky or foam shapes or balls for the decorations. Cut out two or three construction paper plates.

You can make this project harder for older children by printing more cakes (up to 20).

You can download the PDF here.

EYFS Observations

EYFS Learning and Development Area:

Mathematics: Numbers

Early Learning Goals:

Find one more and one less from a number from 1-20

What to look for on this project:

16-26 months If you divide the cakes unevenly between the two plates, do the children know which plate has the greatest number of cakes on it?
22-36 months As you put the cakes onto the plates one at a time, do the children know if there are any left or if they are ‘all gone’? Can the children divide the cakes equally between the two plates?
30-50 months If you divide out the cakes, do the children understand that the total quantity is still the same? How do the children work out whether the two plates are the same or different in quantity? As you put the cakes onto the plates one at a time can the children tell you how many are left?
40-60 months Can the children divide out the cakes evenly between 3 plates? If you put 1 cake on one plate and 2 cakes on the second plate (for example), can the children find the sum of two numbers (the total number of cakes)? Can they work out what remains if some are taken away (and eaten by one of you)?


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