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Updated Covid Policy

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I have written the following policy to share with my own childminding parents. Please feel free to copy and adapt it to suit your own setting (there is a downloadable Microsoft Word copy at the bottom of this page). Don’t just copy and share without reading it though as some parts are unique to my own personal situation so you may want to change those parts at least! You may also need check with your insurance providers before implementing this policy.


Updated COVID-19 Policy***Sample***


My first concern, as always, is for the health and safety of the children in my setting and I have a duty under the EYFS regulations to keep children healthy.

‘The provider must promote the good health of the children attending the setting. They must have a procedure, discussed with parents and/or carers, for responding to children who are ill or infectious, take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection, and to take appropriate action if children are ill.’ EYFS Sep 2021

Therefore, although legal restrictions have been removed, I am putting into place my own updated COVID-19 policy to keep everyone as safe as possible whilst also being fair and proportionate.

Unlike other types of childcare, which can remain open if there is a case of COVID-19, a different rule applies to childminders. If I or any member of my family show symptoms of, or test positive for COVID-19, I currently have to close my setting by law. (This is not necessarily a bad thing as it means that childminders may provide a safer environment for families still concerned about the disease.)

Although the legal requirements have been removed, anybody who tests positive (including children of ANY age) will continue to be advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least 5 full days and then continue to follow the guidance until they have received 2 negative test results on consecutive days. Early years settings are being asked to encourage families to follow this guidance.


With the reduction in testing, it looks increasingly likely that many people in the community will have COVID-19 without knowing it. Coughs and colds are part of life in early years and as a community we cannot realistically keep testing every time a child has a slight sniffle. However, as has always been the case, you should keep your child at home if they are unwell or if they show any of the following symptoms:

  1. A high temperature – this means they feel hot to touch on their chest or back (you do not need to measure their temperature).
  2. A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if they usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual).
  3. A loss or change to their sense of smell or taste – this means they’ve noticed they cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.’

(Small children may not be able to tell you this but may show you by going off their food.)

Information taken from the NHS website.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19

If your child tests positive for COVID-19 they will not be allowed back into the setting until 5 days followed by two negative test results on consecutive days after their positive result.

If someone in your household receives a positive COVID-19 result and the child also shows symptoms.

If someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 and your child shows symptoms it is now my policy that they will not be allowed to attend until they get a negative test result. If they receive a negative result no fees will apply for any time they missed in the setting while waiting for a test result. If they receive a positive result full fees apply for all time missed.

If someone in your household receives a positive COVID-19 result and the child does not show symptoms.

Based on personal experience of catching COVID-19 from my own symptomless children, I know how easy it is to catch it from a child showing no symptoms, especially one that you are in close contact with.

The Government Document ‘COVID-19 Response, Living with COVID-19’ states:

Guidance will set out the precautions that those who live in the same household as someone who has COVID-19, or who have stayed overnight in the same household, are advised to take to reduce risk to other people.

This guidance has not yet been made available (24/02/2022). Therefore, to help prevent the spread of the disease if anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, I ask you to consider keeping your child at home until they receive a negative test result, even if they show no symptoms. In these circumstances I will not charge any fees, unless the child receives a positive test, then full fees apply for all time missed.

This will hopefully protect against unwanted outbreaks and closures which are unpleasant and an inconvenience for everyone.


  • If a child is off to take a COVID-19 test and the result is negative, no fees will be charged for the time missed whilst taking the test and waiting for the results.
  • If a child is off with COVID-19 full fees are still payable.
  • If I have to close because someone in my household has tested positive for COVID-19 no fees will be payable.

Thank you for your understanding. This new policy brings COVID-19 into line with other illness such as chicken pox for which I also have exclusion periods for. There may be further updates when further Government updates and guidance are released.

Signed: Childminder

Date: 24/02/2022

Download a copy of this policy here:

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