diversity awareness at christmas for childmindersThere are two stories about Christmas that we tell small children. The first involves a man called Father Christmas (Santa) who wears a red suit and flies around with reindeer and pops down chimneys delivering presents. ALL children know this story!  The second story about Christmas is the birth of Jesus. The two stories are completely unrelated to one another and many British children and their families celebrate only the Father Christmas version, barely touching on the religious side.

However, many children celebrate both the religious side of Christmas and the Father Christmas bit. And it is ok to do so with childminded children as it is part of diversity awareness that children should be familiar with the Christian story of Christmas.

In Britain, Christians celebrate Christmas on the 25th December which is close to the shortest day of the year. Many of the traditions of Christmas (bringing evergreen trees into the house and decorating the house with lights) stem from the fact that this is the coldest and darkest time of the year.



calendar by 3 year oldThe Great Christmas Card Debate: how much help should you give childminded children on their Christmas cards?

I’m NOT going to do handprints again for my childminding Christmas present, I said firmly to myself as I stared at the blank calendar template [more]




Free printable Christmas cards with Christmas story

childminding christmas card templatechildminding christmas card template we three kings

Download the free printable template to create these Christmas cards with a religious Christmas theme. Also included is a version of the Christmas story that is suitable for use with childminded children.


Christmas counting tree

counting christmas tree for childmindersDownload the free printable Christmas counting tree here.





Products that can help you to explore Christmas

Childminding Best Practice Club – themed packs

Childminding best practice club logoJoin the Childminding Best Practice Club and get monthly packs of themed activities emailed to you. As well as art projects with templates, each pack includes a planning guide to help you plan around a theme.

Diversity Awareness Pack

Diversity Awareness Pack for childmindersPrintable diversity craft projects and printable diversity colouring pages to help childminders to teach 20 diversity topics including disability, religion, race, families and multicultural holidays including Christmas.