This project is all about counting.  Read the guided observations below so that you can be clear about what can be expected from children of different age groups in terms of their understanding of ‘counting’.

You can download the PDF of this project with templates for free here.

Cut 5 circles out of different coloured construction paper. Cut coloured spots out of more construction paper. Overlap the circles so that they make a caterpillar and add eyes, legs and antennae.

Draw 1 dot in the first segment, 2 in the second, up to 5 dots. Ask the child to count out the dots and then count out the matching number of spots, and put one spot on each dot. Lastly write the numbers 1-5 on the appropriate segment.


EYFS Observations

EYFS Learning and Development Area:

Mathematics: Numbers

Early Learning Goals:

Count 1-20 objects; Read numbers 1-9

What to look for on this project:

16-26 months Observe how children use some counting words randomly. Can they distinguish between quantities? Do they know which segment has the greatest number of spots?
22-36 months Can the children identify which segment has ‘more’ or ‘a lot’ of dots? Can the children count 1-2-3 spots if you ask them ‘how many?’
30-50 months Can the children count out the number of spots they need by counting the dots you have drawn on the caterpillar segment, then select the same number from the pile (building on one to one matching)? Can they use the correct names for the numbers?
40-60 months Can the children select up to 5 spots from a pile of spots and stick them onto the correct segment? Can they read the numbers 1-5 as you write them onto the corresponding segment?

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