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Teaching children about diversity helps them to understand that people can be different and the same all over the world. It also helps them to build character that will last for their whole lives. As childminders, if we talk openly with pre-schoolers about the differences they see then children are provided with a model of openness that they will learn to imitate. This is why doing diversity awareness activities with childminded children is an important way to demonstrate that you are promoting British values in your setting.

Free Diversity Awareness Poster

It is good practice to display photos that show racial diversity but it can be very hard to choose appropriate photos to display. It is not appropriate to show photos of children that reinforce stereotypes – for example, hungry children in Africa. It is also not appropriate to display pictures that show children wearing their ‘cultural’ rather than their ‘everyday’ dress. Children in Scotland certainly don’t wear kilts everyday any more than African children wear their ‘tribal’ clothing to go to school in. It can be very confusing to young children to see images that give the wrong impression.

These pictures of British children are all appropriate to display at your home, to discuss with the children, and give the right impression of a racially inclusive setting.

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Scroll down for our free 2022 Diversity Planning Calendar.

Free Downloadable Diversity Planning Calendar for 2022

Use this calendar to plan to celebrate diversity with the children in 2022. The calendar includes the dates of some multicultural holidays, religious festivals for Britain’s three biggest religions (Christianity, Islam and Hinduism) and other big events with a diversity focus.


How to ‘Do Diversity’ with childminded children without getting it wrong

So, you want to show Ofsted that you are “doing diversity” in your childminding setting… [read more]

One of the sheets in our new colouring pack , illustrated by Jennifer Fishpool

Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Under Fives

From about the age of two or three, children begin to identify themselves as either boys or girls. And almost as soon as they label themselves by their gender, children start to form clear links to the different activities, toys, behaviour, and even adult occupations that are expected. [more]



Quiz yourself

QUIZ: How diversity-aware is your language when it comes to talking about disabilities?

QUIZ: How diversity-aware is your language when it comes to talking about race?


Products that can help you

Diversity Awareness Pack

Diversity Awareness Pack for childminders

Printable diversity craft projects and printable diversity colouring pages to help childminders to teach 20 diversity topics including disability, religion, race, families and multicultural holidays.





 NEW Colouring Pack

The 25 colouring pages in this new pack are designed to illustrate what is unique and worth celebrating about childminding. It is an ideal tool to gently introduce conversations about diversity while the children have fun colouring 25 vibrant scenes featuring a diverse range of children having fun with their childminder.


Supporting Documents

All childminders need to promote equality, diversity and British values at your setting. Read the Prevent Duty for more information.

More information on what inspectors will be looking for regarding diversity is available in these documents: the Common Inspection Framework, the Early Years Inspection Handbook and Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings.

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