Easter basket
When you want it to look handmade….

Use the template to cut a basic Easter basket out of strong paper or card. Print the Easter pictures and use them as either templates or as tiny colouring pictures to cut out and decorate the Easter basket. Or decorate the basket with anything you have in your own craft box. Describe the children’s creative processes and the decisions they make about what to colour, what to glue where etc.

A cream egg will fit perfectly right in the centre of the basket and is a lovely gift to send the children home with on the Thursday before the Easter holidays.



EYFS Observations


EYFS Learning and Development Area:


Expressive arts and design: Exploring and using media and materials
Early Learning Goals: Children explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques,

experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and


What to look for on this project:


16-26 months What do the young children seem to enjoy doing the most? Gluing, or attempting to colour? What do they choose to glue down?
22-36 months What colours do the children choose?  What do they enjoy doing?  Do they try lots of things or wallow in a particular experience?
30-50 months How do the children describe the different shapes? What are their favourite colours?  How well do they colour? What do they choose to put where?
40-60 months What do the children tell you about what they are doing? What do they seem to enjoy doing most?  How well can they colour?  Can they cut things out?


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