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Lunar New Year Diversity Activity

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When providing diversity activities to the children it is really important that you do not just reinforce stereotypes or misconceptions. One such misconception is that it is only Chinese people that celebrate the New Year at this time. Many other countries, especially in the Asian region, also celebrate Lunar New Year at the same time. In Vietnam, Tet Nguyen Dan (or Tet for short,) is one of the most important celebrations of the year.

To help you teach the children about Tet we have made a FREE mini activity pack with some information about the celebration and a craft activity with templates, as well as ideas to extend the activity and guidance on which areas of learning it helps to cover. Click on the button to download it.

We would love to see what you create. You can send photos to jennifer@kidstogo.co.uk or tag us in posts on Facebook by typing @Kids To Go. Have fun!

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