Written 27/05/2022

What to expect.

An inspection with no children on roll is not regarded by Ofsted as a full inspection but rather chance to make sure the childminder is still fulfilling all the requirements to remain registered. However there are still lots of things that remain the same if you have children on roll or not.

The Inspector should make clear to you at the start of your inspection or during the initial telephone call to arrange it that your inspection is about making sure you still fulfill all of the requirements to stay registered.

At the end of your inspection you will be given one of three possible outcomes:

  • met
  • not met with actions – meaning that you may have a few minor things to put right
  • not met with enforcement – if you have significant or persistent failures to meet the requirements and they have a direct impact on the safety and welfare of the children or your suitability to be a childminder.

Use our free ‘No children on Roll Inspection Checklist’ to help you prepare: