For lots of the children of this age, pelican crossings are fun because they have the opportunity to press a button and make the traffic stop for them. As soon as they are able to differentiate between colours (from about 2 ½) they can be taught to look for the ‘little green man’. When I cross the road with my own children (after they have squabbled about who gets to press the button), I ask them again and again, ‘can we cross yet?’ They answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

While children of this age are far too young to be allowed to ever attempt this without supervision, it is never-the-less the first step towards independence and gives the children a feeling of empowerment.

This song is really good for pelican crossings. It’s to the tune of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’:

Twinkle twinkle crossing light,

Standing on the corner bright.

When it’s red it’s NO NO NO,

When it’s green it’s GO GO GO.

Twinkle twinkle crossing light,

Standing on the corner bright.


Cut the traffic lights and red and green men out of coloured paper using the templates provided. Use red or green collage material to decorate a little green man and a red ‘stop’ man. Glue them back to back onto the card and hang them from the traffic light.

As the mobile turns in the draft you can ask your child ‘can we go?’ and practice as if you’re on a real road.

You can simplify this project for younger children by just colouring red and green pictures or by making red/ green collages.

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