progress-check-age-2Statutory Requirements

It is an EYFS Statutory Requirement to carry out a written Progress Check at Age 2. The written progress check must:

  • Include a summary of the child’s development in the three prime areas
  • Include the child’s strengths and any areas where the child’s progress is less than expected.
  • Include a description of the activities and strategies you intend to adopt to address any concerns
  • Discuss with the parents how the summary of learning can be used to support learning at home

In September 2015, the Integrated Review was introduced combining your Progress Check at Age 2 with the Healthy Child Programme Review at age two to two-and-a-half which is carried out by health visitors. In the past it was considered ‘good practice’ to try and prepare your Progress Check report prior to the Healthy Child Review so that parents could raise any concerns you may have brought up in your report with the child’s health visitor. With the introduction of the Integrated Review, this information-sharing is now a requirement.



childminding-myth-or-factFact or Myth? I don’t have to do a Progress Check anymore because the health visitors are now doing them.




Products that can help you

Progress Check Age 2 Pack


Everything a childminder needs to complete the Progress Check at Age 2 for the Integrated Review including the letter for parents, blank, printable progress report templates in Word and guidance notes with model observations.


Supporting Documents

EYFS Statutory Framework – A full description of the exact written requirements for the Progress Check Age 2.

Integrated Review Supporting Materials are provided by the NCB.