Before your inspection is it can be a good idea to complete a self-evaluation of your setting. From April 2018 there is no longer an Ofsted Self-Evaluation Form for you to complete. Never-the-less your inspector will still ask you about how you reflect on your practice and improvements that are needed. So it is good practice to sometimes stand back and evaluate your setting in a ‘formal’ way, especially if you are due to be inspected. It is  an excellent way to prepare for your inspection and to think about ways to improve your setting.



Fact or Myth? Ofsted doesn’t need you to do self-evaluation any more.

What do you plan to do for self-evaluation now that the Ofsted form has been removed? [more]




Problem child in the shed

How NOT to be a victim of a bad Ofsted Inspection: 10 Ways to Take Control

One of the saddest types of emails I get are from childminders who feel they were the ‘victims’ of a bad Ofsted inspection… But don’t set yourself up to be a victim. With a bit of planning you can “manage” your Ofsted inspector and take control of your inspection… [read more]


SEF Form Examples10 frequently forgotten things childminders should include in your Self Evaluation

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Products that can help you

Inspection pack 2018


Guided Self Evaluation

guided self evaluation packThis guide takes you step by step through a guided self-evaluation of your setting. It includes ‘model answers’ for each question so that you can see the sorts of things you should be considering when you reflect on your setting. This guide will help you to prepare for your inspection and will make sure you don’t miss anything. 








Ultimate Childminding Checklist

Ultimate childminding checklistThree checklists for childminders including: 49 Things you MUST be doing to meet EYFS Requirements, Count Down To Your Ofsted Inspection Checklist, and Outstanding Checklist.