Childminders in the Childminding Best Practice Club are dedicated to being the best childminder they can be.

To support this dedication members receive monthly ‘toolkits’ full of ideas, resources and planning, a welcome kit with a special certificate to display with pride and a 25% discount off other Kids to Go products, helping to support our members in every aspect of their childminding adventure.

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What is coming up in 2023?

Below are all of the toolkit themes that are planned for 2003. The topics in the brackets are the monthly diversity/British Values activities which feature in every toolkit.

(Please be aware that some minor alterations may take place.)

68. January 2023 – Nail Soup – A Traditional Tale (Food around the World)

69. February 2023 – Families (Valentines and Lunar New Year)

70. March 2023 – Holi and St David’s Day (Mother’s Day)

71. April 2023 – Easter (Sy George’s Day around the World)

72. May 2023 – Bees (Eid Al Fitr)

73. June 2023 – Process not Product Art (Father’s Day)

74. July 2023 – The Little Red Hen – Traditional Tale (World Foods)

75. August 2023 – Cars (Understanding Blindness and sight impairment)

76. September 2023 – What We Wear (World Afro Day)

77. October 2023 – Autumn (World Mental Health Day)

78. November 2023 – All About Me (Diwali)

79. December 2023 – Christmas (Rohastu – Buddhist celebration.)