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Just to make you smile. All REAL things parents have said to real childminders! 

A kids to go themed cartoon of a ill child

1. I had a parent adamant that their child (who had a sky high temperature yet was violently shivering) wasn’t poorly. Apparently he was just ‘transitioning into winter’.


2. One parent asked if I could reduce my fees (I charge £3.50 per hour) as they were having an extension built and it was costing them thousands.


shoes and hats. Part of a childminder's dressing up kit.

3. When I was working at day care I had a dad almost take the wrong baby home!!  When I said, “that’s not yours, mind, he’s over here,” he said, “oh they all look the same at this age don’t they.”

4. I once had a parent drop their children off with a suitcase for Dad to pick up on collection. I assumed it held outfits for the children’s dance classes, they had straight from my house. Turned out it contained Dad’s clothes as Mum had thrown him out!

5. I was once asked to wear the mum’s breast milk stained t-shirt that she wore in bed in case the 10month old baby needed settling!

6. I had a child I cared for come in excited holding her birthday invitations in hand and said, “I am going to hand these out at school today.”. My reply was, “oh that’s nice. Where are you having your birthday party and when?” Child’s reply was, “here silly as I am here on my birthday.” Me looking very confused said, “Can I have one of those invitations please?”

I opened one envelope and pulled out the invitation and it read that this child’s birthday was at mine after school the following week and all children had to meet me at school gates. This child had 40 invites written in her mother’s handwriting!!! I had to explain to the child in a delicate way that this could not happen and her mother had not even asked. What a situation to be put in!!!!

7. “Can you breastfeed my baby!”

8. I once had a parent drop children off and ask to use the loo. When she came out she said, “I’ve used some of your deodorant cuz I forgot mine and I’ve had a squirt of your perfume. Hope it’s OK.” These were in the closed airing cupboard in the bathroom!

9. A new dad once said to me, “make sure you take good care of her, I’ve only got one.” He obviously wouldn’t be so fussed if he had a couple???

10. I once had a parent who left a set of keys in the changing bag… I informed the parents and got the reply: that’s for you to walk the dog after little one’s nap and replace water/food if needed.

And my all time favourite ever parent quote:

Do you charge while the baby is sleeping?


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What is the funniest thing a parent has ever said to you? Put it in the comments and give other childminders a giggle!

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