This project is about exploring various grains, beans, pasta and seeds – examining them by sight and touch and finding out where they come from and what they are used for.


Print off the scarecrow template, then raid your pantry for a wide range of interesting-looking seeds, beans, pasta and grains for the children to glue down. Spaghetti makes excellent straw! 


Do the children understand how this uncooked pasta relates to what they ate for their lunch? Where does rice come from (before the packet?) 




EYFS Observations

EYFS Learning and Development Area:


Expressive arts and design: Exploring and using media and materials
Early Learning Goals:
Children explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques,experimenting with colour, design, texture, form andfunction.


What to look for on this project:


EYFS Learning and Development Area:

Understanding the world: The world
Early Learning Goals:
Children make observations of animals and plants and explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.


What to look for on this project:


16-26 months Young children can become totally absorbed in a particular task. Which textures do they seem to like best? What do they seem to enjoy investigating?
22-36 months What questions do the children ask as they do the task? What interests them the most?
30-50 months Which items do the children think are similar? Which are different? How do the children say the items feel? What do the children think they are made of? How else do the children examine the objects to find out more about them?
40-60 months How do the children examine the different objects? What questions do they ask about them? If they hold the items closely and look at them, what do they say they can see?  How do they say the items feel? Which do they think are the same and which are different?




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