A list of all the essential and useful documents that childminders must be aware of in one handy place. The documents that you MUST use have a yellow button.

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Last Updated 07/11/2023

Essential Early Years Documents

Statutory Framework For The Early Years Foundation Stage

This is the document all childminders in England MUST follow

Ofsted Parent’s Poster

You must display this poster where parents can see it. It contains information about how they can contact Ofsted.

You may also like: The Ultimate Childminding Checklist. Three Checklists in one to help you ensure you have all the ‘must do’s’ in place.

Early Years Inspection Handbook

This handbook describes the main activities that inspectors undertake when they carry out inspections of early years providers in England. The handbook also sets out the judgements that inspectors will make and on which they will report. It is very useful to read if you are due an inspection.

You may also like: Ultimate Childminding Inspection Preparation Pack.

Essential Safeguarding Documents

Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018)

You MUST have regard for this document.

What to do if you are worried that a child is being abused

You may also find this document useful if you are worried about a child.

The Prevent duty: Protecting children from radicalisation

You MUST have regard for this document.

Safeguarding children and protecting professionals in early years settings: online safety considerations guidance for practitioners

Guidance to help those who work in early years settings consider their practice and to take steps to safeguard both children and adults online.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding children and safer recruitment. A useful document to be aware of.

Safeguarding Resources for Childminders and Early Years practitioners

You may also like: The Kids To Go 3 in 1 Safeguarding Pack. This 3 in 1 safeguarding pack for childminders contains three useful tools in one pack. An editable safeguarding policy, 40 multiple choice safeguarding questions and a safeguarding audit list.

Useful Assessment/ Child Development Documents

Development Matters – Published by the Department of Education

You can use this document to help you assess children’s progress. However, it is not compulsory.

Birth to 5 Matters

Non-statutory guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage developed by the Early Years Coalition.

Progress Check at Age 2 – Non Statutory Guidance

You may also like: The Kids To Go Progress Check Age 2 Pack. A handy kit which guides you through the whole process. It contains progress check samples, templates and full guidance on how to complete your progress check at age two.

Useful Health and Safety Documents

Safer Food Better Business for Childminders

Food safety management pack for registered childminders or child-carers on domestic premises who usually provide meals and drinks for the children in their care.

Health Protection in Schools and other Childcare Facilities

A practical guide for staff on managing cases of infectious diseases in schools and other childcare settings.

Physical Activity Guidelines from the Chief Medical Office

As mentioned in the EYFS

Health and Safety Activities for Childminders

You may also like: The Be Safe, Be Healthy MEGA Pack. As a childminder you have a choice about what activities you do with the children you look after so why not do some topics that could really make a difference to their lives? Taking the time to explore topics like healthy eating, making friends, sun safety, oral health, fire and road safety will not only really help the children, but it will make you feel that you are doing something truly valuable with the time you are spending with them.

Useful Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Documents

SEND code of practice: 0 to 25 years

Useful Financial and Tax Documents

HMRC list of allowable expenses for childminders

Essential information about which expenses you can legally deduct.

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